Articles labelled 'LBSJ' were first published in the Lennox Berkeley Society Journal.

Christopher Brown on Bach and Lennox Berkeley

The composer Christopher Brown, a student of Berkeley, writes about his teacher’s music and teaching methods – and the influence of Bach on both of them. (LBSJ 2022)

Jennifer Bate on Lennox Berkeley’s Organ Works

Extracts from the forthcoming autobiography of the organist, the late Jennifer Bate, recalling her first meeting with the composer Lennox Berkeley. (LBSJ 2022)

Lennox Berkeley Writes to Baronne d’Eppinghoven 1938 about Britten and Impending War

In a recently discovered letter from 1938 the composer Lennox Berkeley in London writes to his aunt, Anna Lydia, baronne d’Eppinghoven, in Brussels, about Benjamin Britten, his music and the war. Berkeley’s biographer Tony Scotland sets the scene. (LBSJ 2022)

Lennox Berkeley's Oboe Quartet

The music writer John France finds reflection, angst and excitement in Lennox Berkeley’s Oboe Quartet of 1967. (LBSJ 2022)

Peter Broadbent on Poulenc, Berkeley and Stabat Mater

The choral conductor Peter Broadbent analyses settings of the sacred choral work, Stabat Mater, by two twentieth-century composers, Francis Poulenc and Lennox Berkeley – and finds reflections of their personalities and faith. (LBSJ 2022)

Lennox Berkeley’s Nelson – Choral Suite

Pianist/conductor David Wordsworth assembles the choruses of Berkeley’s grand opera, Nelson, in a choral suite soon available through Chester Music. (LBSJ 2021)

Lennox Berkeley’s Symphony No. 3

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the première of Lennox Berkeley's Symphony No. 3 at the Cheltenham Festival in July 1969, John France writes about the work’s historical context, with contemporary reviews and his own commentary. (February 2019)

Faldon Park, Lennox Berkeley and Opera

Why was Lennox Berkeley’s opera Faldon Park never finished? What was it about it? Who commissioned it? The opera’s librettist, the Handel scholar Winton Dean, provides all the answers. (September 2014)

Sonatina for Guitar

Christopher Daly recommends the best recordings of Berkeley's guitar Sonatina (op. 52 no. 1). (June 2013)

Lennox Berkeley Orchestral Works – Mont Juic, Divertimento, Sinfonietta, Serenade

Conductor/composer Adam Pounds commends two of Lennox Berkeley’s best orchestral works, the Divertimento and Mont Juic, and urges orchestras to take them up. (2012)