Recordings of Lennox Berkeley's music

Luigi Attademo: The Segovia Archive

Luigi Attademo: The Segovia Archive album cover
Format: CD
Label: Seicorde
Release date: July 2002
Catalogue no: Seicorde E72

The Segovia Archive is an important collection of compositions for guitar written for Andrés Segovia, mostly during the 1920s. Recent research among these papers in Linares has revealed unknown works dedicated to him by important composers including Cyril Scott, Lennox Berkeley, Henri Collet, Fernande Peyrot and others These works are being edited published by Angelo Gilardino, the artistic director of the Andrés Segovia Foundation for the Bèrben Edition (see publication no 4781 for the Berkeley work).

Since 2001 Luigi Attademo has studied this collection. He has recorded a CD published by the Italian magazine Seicorde covering the most important pieces of this unknown repertory. Among these are the hitherto unknown Quatre Pièces.

Performed by Luigi Attademo (guitar)