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A review of the past year’s performances of Berkeley works

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April 2020



A Dinner Engagement (op. 45)

Concert Hall, Singapore. Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra.



7.30pm: Somewhere: An English-Austrian Song Recital

Andantino (op. 21 part 2a, Arrangement of A Festival Anthem)

Five Poems (op. 53, W. H. Auden)

This special evening will see the young virtuoso mezzo-soprano Josipa Bainac, accompanied by pianist David Hausknecht and cellist Arne Kircher, interpret recent compositions by Austrian and English composers. The programme includes the song 'Among the leaves the small birds sing' from 'Five Poems' by W. H. Auden, and 'Andantino', both composed by Lennox Berkeley. Also on the programme are works by Michael Berkeley, Erich. W. Korngold and Akos Banlaky. The concert has a unique symbiotic twist: English poetry set to Austrian compositions, and vice versa.

Roter Salon, WipplingerstraBe 20, Wien, 1010, Austria