The Lennox Berkeley Society
Award for Guitar

The Lennox Berkeley Society Award for Guitar was held annually between 2010 and 2020. It was organised by Christopher Daly and hosted by the Oxford Music Festival. Entrants were asked to perform a short programme of music chosen from the list below.

  1. Two movements from Concerto for Guitar op. 88 (Lennox Berkeley)
  2. Sonatina Op. 52 No. 1
  3. Theme and Variations op. 77 (Lennox Berkeley) and Impromptu (Michael Berkeley)
  4. Quatre Pièces (Lennox Berkeley)
  5. Sonata in One Movement (Michael Berkeley)

Although the Award for Guitar is not currently available, guitarists studying the Berkeley pieces are welcome to contact the society through which they can still receive encouragement and expert help with these works.

Award for Guitar Winners