The Lennox Berkeley Society
Award for Guitar

The Guitar Award is changing for 2021 and onwards. Entries will be made to the Society in the form of a video performance, and no longer require a live performance in Oxford.

The syllabus shown below will be valid for 2021, but will also include other options to go with the choice of Op 77.

Further details about dates for entry, rules, adjudication and prize will follow in due course.

The syllabus and rules for the award are detailed below.



Candidates may choose one of the following programmes:

  1. Two movements from Concerto for Guitar op. 88 (Lennox Berkeley)
  2. Sonatina Op. 52 No. 1
  3. Theme and Variations op. 77 (Lennox Berkeley) and Impromptu (Michael Berkeley)
  4. Quatre Pièces (Lennox Berkeley)
  5. Sonata in One Movement (Michael Berkeley)

Not all music listed may be currently available. In this case, please contact Christopher Daly for help.

If you are interested in entering the award, please contact Christopher Daly through this form.



  1. The performance must be judged to be one of distiction as defined by the British and International Federation of Festivals, i.e. 'an excellent performance technically and artistically'
  2. In the case of more than one candidate achieving distinction, the prize goes to the candidate achieving the highest mark
  3. A General Adjudicator may be employed to judge the recital. A guitar specialist is not a requirement
  4. The award is not open to previous winners

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