Recordings of Lennox Berkeley's music

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Sonatas & Sonatinas

Sonatas & Sonatinas album cover
Format: Digital download
Label: Nathan Kolosko
Release date: May 2003
Available from: Nathan Kolosko

Performed by Nathan Kolosko (guitar)

Janet Baker

Janet Baker album cover
Format: CD
Label: BBC Legends
Release date: April 2003
Catalogue no: BBCL41172

Performed by Janet Baker & Geoffrey Parsons (piano)

Lo, the full, final sacrifice

Lo, the full, final sacrifice album cover
Format: CD
Label: Lammas
Release date: February 2003
Catalogue no: LAMM155

Performed by the St. Albans Abbey Girls Choir, Simon Johnson (conductor) & James McVinnie (organ)

British Music for Piano Duet

British Music for Piano Duet album cover
Format: CD
Label: Campion Records
Release date: February 2003
Catalogue no: RRCD1353

Performed by Peter Lawson & Alan MacLean

The Saint Thomas Tradition

The Saint Thomas Tradition album cover
Format: CD
Label: Priory Records
Release date: January 2003
Catalogue no: PRCD 910

Includes Regina Coeli (no. 3 of Three Latin Motets, op 83/1)

Performed by the Choir of Saint Thomas Church, Gerre Hancock (conductor) & Judith Hancock (organ)

Triple Treble

Triple Treble album cover
Format: CD
Release date: January 2003

On this CD, Marina Klunder (Treble recorder) and Gini Tamboer (Piano) have recorded Lennox Berkeley's Sonatina Op 13. Works by other 20th Century composers (Hans-George Burghardt and Herbert Baumann) are also included. The Berkeley Sonatina is more often played on the flute (notably by James Galway), but it was written for the recorder player Carl Dolmetsch in 1939. So this CD provides the opportunity to hear the work played as originally intended.

Performed by Marina Klunder (treble recorder) & Gini Tamboer (piano)

British Flute Music

British Flute Music album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Avie Records
Release date: October 2002
Catalogue no: AV0016

Performed by Jeffrey Khaner (flute) & Charles Abramovic (piano)

Favourite English Songs

Favourite English Songs album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Chandos Records
Release date: August 2002
Catalogue no: CHAN 6653

Features O lurcher-loving collier (no. 2) from Five Poems by W H Auden

Performed by Felicity Lott (soprano) & Graham Johnson (piano)

Lotusland British Piano Album

Lotusland British Piano Album album cover
Format: CD
Label: Mittenwald
Release date: August 2002
Catalogue no: MTWD 99008

Lotusland is an eclectic collection of eleven important British composers of the early 20th Century. Amongst those included on this CD are composers such as Cyril Scott, John Ireland, Frederik Delius, Benjamin Britten and Lennox Berkeley.

The Lennox Berkeley pieces included here are nos. 1, 4 and 6 of the Six Preludes and nos. 2, 3 and 4 of the Five Short Pieces. The CD is available from Harold Moores Records, the Barbican branch of the Farringdon Records chain and Longplayer in Canterbury.

Kumiko Ida

Performed by Kumiko Ida (piano)

Luigi Attademo: The Segovia Archive

Luigi Attademo: The Segovia Archive album cover
Format: CD
Label: Seicorde
Release date: July 2002
Catalogue no: Seicorde E72

The Segovia Archive is an important collection of compositions for guitar written for Andrés Segovia, mostly during the 1920s. Recent research among these papers in Linares has revealed unknown works dedicated to him by important composers including Cyril Scott, Lennox Berkeley, Henri Collet, Fernande Peyrot and others These works are being edited published by Angelo Gilardino, the artistic director of the Andrés Segovia Foundation for the Bèrben Edition (see publication no 4781 for the Berkeley work).

Since 2001 Luigi Attademo has studied this collection. He has recorded a CD published by the Italian magazine Seicorde covering the most important pieces of this unknown repertory. Among these are the hitherto unknown Quatre Pièces.

Performed by Luigi Attademo (guitar)

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