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Dreams and Fancies

Dreams and Fancies album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Delphian Records
Release date: July 2017
Catalogue no: DCD34193

Barely half a century ago, the guitar was such a rarity in the concert hall that even an outstanding player like Julian Bream was remarkable as a pioneer as much as for his exceptional technique and musicality. Today, by contrast, the field is richly populated - thanks not only to Bream’s own inspiring example to younger players but also to the vastly increased repertoire, so much of which he also instigated.

Yet even in this new heyday for the instrument, Sean Shibe - whose full album debut here nests among four of those Bream-commissioned works a clutch of Dowland pieces from a previous Elizabethan Golden Age - stands out as a truly uncommon talent. ‘I want to hear his interpretation of Britten’s Nocturnal over and over,’ wrote David Nice in an awed recent concert review. ‘This, for me, is the definitive performance.’ [synopsis by Delphian]

Performed by Sean Shibe (guitar)

Between the Worlds

Between the Worlds album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Release date: September 2015
Available from: Amazon USA

First audio CD by German classical guitarist Katrin Endrikat with works by A. Barrios, A.Tansman, J.S.Bach and others. A beautiful selection of original pieces and arranged works for classical guitar.

Performed by Katrin Endrikat (guitar)

Guitar Recital by Ekachai Jearakul

Guitar Recital by Ekachai Jearakul album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Naxos
Release date: June 2015
Catalogue no: 8.573481

In 2014 Ekachai Jearakul became the first Asian guitarist to win the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America International Concert Artist Competition (GFA). Winner of numerous awards and an international artist, he has selected a recital that takes the listener on a journey from the baroque beauties of Weiss through nineteenth-century classics by Mertz and Legnani, concluding with three modern compositions influenced by jazz. (Synopsis by Naxos)

Performed by Ekachai Jearakul (guitar)

The Young Julian Bream

The Young Julian Bream album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Dynamic
Release date: February 2011
Catalogue no: IDI6608

This disc features one of the greatest and distinguished contemporary classical guitarists: Julian Bream. It seems extraordinary that the discography of his youth has been only partially re-mastered on CD. In fact, this is true to such a point that many of his very famous performances are still difficult to find today, such as the Lennox Berkeley Sonatina recorded in 1960. The disc also features Bach's fantastic 'Ciaccona' recorded in 1956, when Bream was just 21 years old, together with a selection of other works recorded in 1960, that are currently very difficult to find. Among them is the famous transcription of Ravel's 'Pavane pour une infante défunte'. (Synopsis by Dynamic Records)

Performed by Julian Bream (guitar)

Guitar Recital: Michael Troster

Guitar Recital: Michael Troster album cover
Format: Digital download
Label: Thorofon
Release date: January 2009
Catalogue no: CTH2111
Available from: Classics Online

Performed by Michael Troster (guitar)

Lyrical And Virtuosic Guitar Music

Lyrical And Virtuosic Guitar Music album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Hänssler Classic
Release date: April 2005
Catalogue no: 98339

Performed by Dale Kavanagh (guitar)

British Guitar Music

British Guitar Music album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Naxos
Release date: January 2005
Catalogue no: 8.557040

Performed by Graham Anthony Devine (guitar)

Guitar Works by Lennox and Michael Berkeley

Guitar Works by Lennox and Michael Berkeley album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Chandos Records
Release date: November 2004
Catalogue no: CHAN 10261

The second Berkeley recording from Chandos Records in Autumn 2004 was a collection of guitar music (together with pieces by Michael Berkeley), played by Craig Ogden.

Performed by Craig Ogden (guitar)

Sonatas & Sonatinas

Sonatas & Sonatinas album cover
Format: Digital download
Label: Nathan Kolosko
Release date: May 2003
Available from: Nathan Kolosko

Performed by Nathan Kolosko (guitar)

The Lion In the Lute: British Guitar Music

The Lion In the Lute: British Guitar Music album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: BIS
Release date: January 1999
Catalogue no: CD-926

Anders Miolin’s recording has a quite mellow but clear and resonant sound. Miolin’s version is faithfully detailed, and like Garrobé, he adopts the ‘non troppo’ approach to the Rondo. Unusually, the guitar used is a ten-stringed instrument. The programme is substantial, and all British; featuring Walton, Rawsthorne, Berkeley, Tippett and Britten.

Christopher Daly

Performed by Anders Miolin (guitar)

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