Recordings of Lennox Berkeley's music

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Julian Bream: The Ultimate Guitar Collection Volume 2

Julian Bream: The Ultimate Guitar Collection Volume 2 album cover
Format: CD
Label: RCA
Release date: August 2000
Catalogue no: 63713

Features the first movement of the Sonatina (op. 52/1), Allegretto

Performed by Julian Bream (guitar)

Psalms for the Soul

Psalms for the Soul album cover
Format: CD & Digital download
Label: Naxos
Release date: July 2000
Catalogue no: 8.554823

Performed by the St. John's Choir Elora & Noel Edison (conductor)

Kathleen Ferrier: Songs My Father Taught Me

Kathleen Ferrier: Songs My Father Taught Me album cover
Format: CD
Label: Gala
Release date: June 2000
Catalogue no: GL 318

The Four Poems of St. Teresa of Avila was written in the spring of 1947 for Kathleen Ferrier, who gave the first performance. This CD features the recording of that first performance with orchestra on 14 April 1948.

Performed by Kathleen Ferrier (contralto) & Arnold Goldsbrough (conductor)

Twentieth Century Piano Duets

Twentieth Century Piano Duets album cover
Format: CD
Label: ASC
Release date: April 2000
Catalogue no: ASC CS CD13

Performed by Helen Davies (piano) & Harvey Davies (piano)

Et in Terra Pax

Et in Terra Pax album cover
Format: CD
Label: Lammas
Release date: March 2000
Catalogue no: LAMM 124D

Performed by the Girls and Men of Sheffield Cathedral Choir, Neil Taylor (conductor) & Peter Heginbotham (organ)

Sonatina - Gieseking, Berkeley et al

Sonatina - Gieseking, Berkeley et al album cover
Format: CD
Label: Centaur Records
Release date: March 2000
Catalogue no: CRC2459

Performed by Katherine Kemler (flute) & Michael Gurt (piano)

20th Century Guitar Volume II

20th Century Guitar Volume II album cover
Format: CD
Release date: January 2000
Catalogue no: ROSE 1004-CD
Available from: CD Baby, Portland, Oregan, USA Tel: +1 503 595 3000 Email:

Performed by Michael Partington (guitar)

Shine and Shade

Shine and Shade album cover
Format: CD
Label: Upbeat Classics
Release date: September 1999
Catalogue no: URCD150

Performed by Piers Adams (recorder) & Julian Rhodes (piano)

Winchester Cathedral Choir: A Choral Showcase

Winchester Cathedral Choir: A Choral Showcase album cover
Format: CD
Label: ASV
Release date: August 1999
Catalogue no: CD QS 6025

Performed by the Winchester Cathedral Choir, James Lancelot (organ) & Martin Neary (conductor)


Berkeley album cover
Format: CD
Label: Dutton Vocalion
Release date: March 1999
Catalogue no: CDLX 7100

Performed by the Endymion Ensemble, Helen Keen (flute), Krysia Osostowicz (violin), Jane Salmon (cello), Michael Dussek (piano), Melinda Maxwell (oboe), Asdis Valdimarsdottir (viola), Mark van der Wiel (clarinet) & Stephen Stirling (horn)

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